The purpose of a crowdfunding campaign description is to hook the audience. Give the detail in your description (the description appears below the video on your crowdfunding campaign page).

Your video can only give a certain amount of information in 3 minutes. Details like a budget breakdown can be included in your description.

Start with the following questions, some you might have discussed in your video: can you give more detail in the description?

  • What are you trying to do?
  • Why is it important?
  • What is the money for?
  • What are your rewards?
  • How long will it take?

If you can think of any other questions a potential Backer might have, add those too – your description can’t be too long, only too short!


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Here’s what Kelly got for her initial answers:

What are you trying to do?

I’ve been studying to work in coastal zone management, which is about the effective enforcement of regulations and environmental impact assessment.

I’m about to begin a PhD in Environmental Policy and Development studying the influences of coastal zone management on the transmission of aquatic animal pathogens (to study the influence of farm management practices and wild aquatic animal migrations on pathogen establishment and transmission between farmed and wild sites).

As part of my studies, I need to go on two research trips: one to visit aquatic farms in England and Norway, and one to a European research conference in Brussels.

Why is it important?

I grew up in a coastal village, and over my lifetime, I’ve seen the area change due to rise of tourism and an evolution of local activity from rural to more urban uses.

This has undoubtedly impacted the environment – the big questions are by how much, and whether this will have larger impacts on other parts of the ecosystem.

My studies will help us understand what’s going on, and provide some ideas as to how we may be able to minimise any negative effects.

The changes to our environment have bought good things like economic development, local infrastructures and modernization of services, but it also has its bad points.

My studies look to reduce the pollution, shortage of fishing resources, and closure of local fisheries that have come with progress.

What is the money for?

crowdfunding campaign description


What are your rewards?

All Backers will get regular monthly updates on what I’m up to, and what I’m learning. Some notes on the other rewards:

Name in acknowledgements – I’ll be in contact with you to find out what name you’d like to provide.

Cookies – they’re worth it. Trust me.

Back again – I will fulfill these rewards once I have graduated and am employed.

Collectable (note to self, include photo!)

How long will it take?

Once I’ve got the funds, it will take 2 years to complete the research and write my PhD.

Cookies will be delivered within 2 months, while you’ll have to wait for your copy my PhD until it’s complete and reviewed.

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Writing tips

Teacher-icon 48 by 48Speak directly to your Backer

Pretend you’re writing directly to a person. Who is your Backer? Write your entire description as if you are writing to only one person. People don’t “crowd around the Internet”: 

they consume things as individuals. So talk to them like that. Just concentrate on convincing that one person to back your project.

Use headings

Headings make things easier to skim read. Make it easy for people to find the information they really want.

Use the questions to start with.

One idea per sentence

If you mix up all your ideas into one sentence then it makes it really hard to follow after a while because it just keeps going on and on and on and by now I’m guessing you’re going a little cross-eyed.

But if you split up your ideas, people get the gist a lot faster. It means their eyes can skim. It helps draw them down the page.

Write sentences with less than 20 words

This is a literacy thing. The more words a sentence has, the harder it is to read.

Think about it. When you learned to read, you started with three or four word sentences:

“The cat is black”
“The cow moos”

Now you’re older and you’re better at reading, you may be able to read longer sentences. But that doesn’t mean the principle can’t work in your favor.

Always proofread your work at least twice.

There are two things you absolutely must do:

  1. Read it out loud yourself.
  2. Get someone else to read it.