So what is crowdfunding?

It’s essentially a large group of people contributing a small amount of money to a common cause.

In StudentBackr’s case, this results in a monetary accumulation towards funding a student’s educational goals.

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From A-Z StudentBackr will help you every step of the way

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Want to get your project off to a great start? Utilize these 5 tools to create the perfect project!

What's Your Story?

Your story defines your campaign and differentiates it from all the other projects. Your projects story is defined in 3 ways: Your campaign description, your video, and the updates you provide to backers throughout the campaign. Learn more about these 3 pillars of success and how to apply them to your project on the What's Your Story? page.

Reward Ideas

A core value of crowdfunding is the mutual reciprocity between the campaign and your backers. Knowing simple things such as setting your rewards in sequential order, creating 7 reward options and identifying which reward amounts warrant the most traffic will help you maximize your rewards. Discover and structure your reward ideas here!

Budget and Timeline

Choosing a pragmatic goal is crucial to not just your campaign, but to you actually funding your studies. Most campaigns receive a high amount of donations in the first 3 days followed by a plateau and then a surge of donations at the end. Setting your timeline between 30-45 days will allow you to capitalize on this momentum while still maximizing your project\'s potential.

Make A Campaign Video

Your video is your window to the world. It’s the first impression your Backers will get of your project. There is no doubt about the effectiveness of videos in crowdfunding. Projects with a video are up to 20% more likely to succeed than those without one. Read our step by step instructions on how to make a quick, simple and effective video here.

Campaign Description

Choose a unique and creative description to attract the attention of your Backers. You’ll be surprised by how many people overlook this simple task. Avoid making this mistake by learning how to write a catchy description at our Campaign Description Page. Lastly, make sure to address the 5 most important questions: who, what, when, why and how.

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Prepare and Promote your project with these 5 tools

Your Network

The only way to successfully promote your crowdfunding project is to tell people about it. Unfortunately, it’s not a case of “if we build it, they will come”. Setting up your page is only the first step. Click here and read how to efficiently get people to see your campaign page.

Email Templates

The first impression you make to your network is through emails or messages. That is why it is critical that you craft a compelling and strong message that will attract their interest. The email templates we provide will help you write universal and compelling messages.

Social Media

Social Media is a fantastic platform to use inorder to promote your campaign. Whether it’s creating an event, sharing pictures of your project or updating your network on the status of your campaign, learn all the ways to efficiently leverage your social network here.


If you have a rather small network, don’t be discouraged! There are many other venues that you can explore to find backers. One great option is using the press to help spread the word. Whether it\'s the local newspaper or a blog, click here and learn how you can write guest blogs and articles so your project reaches more people!”

Posting Updates

Keeping your backers and the public updated on your project is equally as important as all the other tools we described. Maintaining an open dialogue with your backers keeps them engaged and interested in your project. Periodically posting updates will continue to give you project momentum and activity. Learn more here!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why students?

We believe that education is the key to society’s development and to individual freedom. We know that it builds social bonds and promotes individuals’ well-being (standard of living, social cohesion, cultural diversity). We want as many students as possible to be able to choose freely what type and level of study to pursue.

However, the higher the level of studies, the greater the cost involved. Many students combine University with employment and more and more of them need to look around for new funding source. Overall, in spite of considerable public efforts, many students give up or shorten their studies because of financial constraints. Our goal is to improve access to higher education as best as we can :

  • Offering Students an alternative, solidarity-based form of funding.
  • Bringing together the support of as many Backers as possible.
  • Creating a community of Students, Mentors and Backers committed to support education.

2. What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a new method of funding that is based on a call-out to the public (the “crowd”) at large. It enables fundraising – usually for small amounts – from a very broad public. Crowdfunding can be used to support solidarity / social initiatives or projects promoting certain values. This kind of direct funding falls under what is known as social and solidarity economy.

3. What is the legal framework for crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding in Europe is governed by national legislation, for instance in France it falls under decree n° 2014-1053 of 16 September 2014. In Ireland and the United Kingdom, national regulations focus on loan or investment-based crowdfunding.

4. What do we mean by ‘ keep-it-all ‘?

Whether the Student/Project Owner reaches his/her target or not, he/she keeps all collected contributions.

Even if the target is not reached? Yes!

Why is it then so important to work hard in order to reach or exceed my target?

  • If your reach or exceed your target, it means your needs are covered: well done!
  • When you exceed your target, StudentBackr congratulates you by reducing the fee charged on the raised funds! (see hereafter)

5. Is enrollment free?

Access to the StudentBackr site, enrollment as a member and project creation are all completely free.

6. I have a project, how much does it cost to raise money through StudentBackr? What is the commission?

Access to the StudentBackr site, enrollment as a member and project creation are all completely free.

If the target is successfully reached, 2% of the funds collected go to StudentBackr to cover our operating costs and enable us to carry on helping many other Students!

  • The use of the platform to launch a campaign and the coaching we provide to help our Students collect funding are completely free of charge, from the start to the end of the campaign.
  • When you do reach 100% of your target, we deduce our 2% fee from the funds you collected.

If you fail to reach 100% of your target by the end of the campaign, the fee is set at 7% (instead of 2%).

In all cases, there is an additional 3% banking fee, as stated in the “Definitions” section of our Terms and Conditions ( T&Cs).

7. What conditions have to be met to publish a student project and start a campaign?

The full conditions are laid out in our Terms and Conditions (T&Cs). At the very least, the Project Owner must be able to provide evidence that they are a student and that they are at least 18 years old before they present a project in their own name and receive the funding collected in their bank account.

8. I am a parent, can I use StudentBackr to help my child, an under 18 year old student?

Yes, StudentBackr can help your child: Send us an email for further details

9. Are all project submissions accepted?

Our projects have a social basis, directly related to studies. Every project submission needs to be defined, realistic and well-grounded: good preparation inspires confidence and leads to success. When we endorse a project, we assume a moral responsibility towards all the Backers. Some examples of suitable projects are:

  • Help me cover my accommodation costs in Stockholm during my Erasmus year
  • Broken laptop - Please help me recover all my study documents!
  • My MBA in LA: A dream to come true with your help :)

Some examples of unsuitable projects are:

  • Help me take a friend out for a meal
  • Pay for my honeymoon trip

10. Intellectual property?

As spelled out in our Terms and Conditions (T&C), StudentBackr has no claim to ownership of the projects or their contents, which remain the exclusive property of the Student/project owner. Use of the StudentBackr site does not involve protection of the project intellectual or physical content and it is the responsibility of the Student/Project Owner, to guarantee such protection if necessary.

11. Can a project be cancelled?

Until the Student submits his/her project for endorsement, it can be freely modified, saved or cancelled. In the case of a project already endorsed and published online, if there are special circumstances to support cancellation, please contact our team directly.

12. What can be given as rewards?

Rewards are at the discretion of each Student. Backers may choose to contribute with or without rewards. Rewards may be tangible (for instance, an electronic file of a diary) or intangible (personal thanks included in a published paper or on a webpage, etc.). They may also involve some form of moral commitment, such as a promise to provide support to another Student project or to do voluntary work for an NGO at the end of the study period, etc. At the very least, each Student must keep their Backers informed of the progress of their studies, through the StudentBackr platform. To get some more ideas, visit our Ideas for rewards page!

13. Who is responsible for the rewards?

The Student/project owner answers for this to his/her Backers. He/she alone is responsible for providing the rewards promised, and for covering any related expenses.

14. How can I make sure my campaign succeeds?


StudentBackr will give you personalised coaching. From the moment your project is endorsed, we will work with you to identify the best strategy to help your crowdfunding campaign succeed.

Campaign Prep

During the preparatory phase of your project, we provide information at each stage along the way, to help you find your way! For instance, we will help you make your project visually appealing so that it attracts attention, as well as assist you in editing the content of your presentation page, etc.

Right from the start

You can already check out our Prepare & Promote page: we recommend you read this through before starting to prepare your presentation page.

15. How can I keep track of how fundraising for my project is progressing?

Through your member’s account, you can access the progress report of your campaign. There you will find details of your fundraising, including tables and graphs. Check it out regularly and use it to help decide what further advertising and communication you need to do!

16. My project has reached its target: what next?

My project has exceeded 100% before the campaign deadline. What should I do? Can I collect my funding early?

Well done, your project is a great success!

You have reached your target, but your campaign is not yet over until the deadline is reached.

Your project stays online and you may continue to promote it to further exceed your target!

How is my funding paid to me?

The contributions collected will be paid to you by bank transfer around 15 days after the end of your campaign. To this will be added the necessary time for completion of the banking transaction.

PLEASE NOTE: your banking details for receipt of funding, especially first and last name, must correspond exactly to those of your StudentBackr membership!

Your bank account must also be opened with a payment services provider established in the SEPA, the UK, the US or the Canadian zones.

17. I want to be a Backer. How should I choose amongst the projects on the site?

The projects are shown on the All projects page. They are divided into categories: look for the categories that interest you most!

On our home page you will also see a selection of projects – why not pick one of these? Take your pick between today’s top-ranking projects, projects about to end, projects just launched and our mini-projects!

18. How do I contribute to a project?

Step 1: Go to the page of the project that interests you.

Step 2: Click on “Contribute”. If you are not registered, you will be asked to do so now through a pop-up. It’s quick and costs nothing. You will then be redirected to the page of the project you wish to support. If you are already registered and logged-in, follow the instructions on screen.

Step 3: Chose the amount of your contribution, select one or more rewards, if desired, and confirm your contribution!

19. Is my payment secure?

All transactions through the StudentBackr site are handled through the MangoPay payment gateway and are completely secure.

Your credit card details are processed through Payline which is recognized by all the European central banks as a PCIDSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) body.

StudentBackr does not have access to your data.

20. Are there any charges for the Backer?

There shouldn’t be any.

In very rare situations, there might be transaction costs, depending on your bank and /or the mean of payment you choose (out of MangoPay’s control).

21. What are the payment options?

We offer the following secure payment options through MangoPay:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Others

22. Are there any tax benefits if I contribute to a project?

To discover whether you are entitled to any tax benefits, please contact your local Taxation Office.

23. Can I contribute without having to set up a profile?

Of course! We offer the option «check-out-as-a-guest». This allows you to contribute simply by clicking on a project, without setting up a member’s account.

24. Will I be notified when the project I have pledged to reaches its target 100%?

Yes, an email will automatically be sent to the email address you provided when you registered on the site.

25. Who should I contact for any other queries?

Before you contact us, please check out the following pages:

85% of the queries we receive are already answered, either under the FAQ or in «How does it work »… so please help the community by only asking us questions for which you REALLY can’t find an answer!  

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