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I'm Mubashar Bashir from Pakistan and currently, I'm studying in Sweden at Chalmers University of technology. I'm studying Electric Power Engineering, which I decided to pursue due to my country, Pakistan's ongoing power crises. This crisis prevents the country from further development; additionally, I also want to contribute to making our planet more sustainable by looking for environmentally friendly energy resources. That's why I choose Chalmers because it ranks in top 50 universities in the world in Electric Power Engineering as well as the university's high research profile which could assist me in achieving my dreams. 

At the time I'm looking for a job to pay my degree fee, however, I need a driving license which is quite expensive and could cost around 2000 dollars. My first fee was covered by my parents but after that, due to financial reasons, they are unable to support me further. I'm looking for a job like postnord, Volvo extra jobs or newspaper/food delivery, or possibly a taxi so that I can continue my studies without interference. For these types of jobs, I need a driver's license which is currently out of my budget. That's why I need your help so that I may be able to continue my studies and become an Electrical Engineer.

If I can be able to support myself, then I will return to my country after completing degree so that I can help in solving my country's energy crisis.

I am grateful for any contribution you can make - thank you!

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You will receive my eternal gratitude!

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if you back me at this level, I will commit to pledging £100 to another student on StudentBackr once I get my first job. Plus, regular updates via email, and a digital copy of my PhD paper – with your name in the acknowledgements.

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When I could, I'll personally travel to thank you with a gift.

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