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My name is Eva Ronner, I’m 19 years old. I was born in the Netherlands and have been living in Belgium on a campsite my parents own for 12 years now.
My high school biology teacher was very passionate about her orientation and made me realise that I also wanted to continue on this path. With a few years of slow research passing through a simple mix of biology/chemistry, pathology and then forensic science. When reading about forensic science, I discovered forensic anthropology, which in short is the study of human bones. This particular path sounded very appealing to me and made me certain that that was what I wanted. Working in forensics or even archaeology or working in disaster victim identification. I would love to use this to help people in what is a different way than usual.
I’ve wanted to do this as soon as I discovered this course and when I found out that the University of Dundee, in Scotland, had a good name in forensic anthropology and was the only one in Europe, I knew that was where I wanted to go. I’ve already started my first year and have heard good stories from older years encouraging me to go on.
The problem is, since I’m practically living in between 3 countries, that I’m having trouble getting a bursary. I have not lived in Scotland long enough to receive a Scottish bursary. Not being Belgian gives for a complication to apply for a Belgian bursary. And I have not lived in the Netherlands recently making their help complicated as well.
I have heard from a few people about crowdfunding and decided to also give it a try. My goal is to be able to pay for my rent and living costs while being able to continue my studies without worrying about these costs. I’m still trying to obtain some help form the Dutch and Belgian government and to find a part-time job as well as saving up money from my summer job.

If you can miss any money, I would really to appreciate any donation! If you are willing to help me out, I will send you a personal thank you or another reward that I will try to relate to my studies for example. I will run this crowdfund until the end of the year in the hope that I'll be able to use it in 2017.
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