22 years old, want to do an LLM in Human Rights Law at Reading University, looking to work...

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I want to become the best human rights lawyer out there and I need your help. I'm Craig Winstanley, a law graduate looking to raise £5,500.00 to do an LLM in Human Rights Law at the University of Reading.
Right from the start of my law degree, I was interested in pursuing a career in human rights. I have thoroughly evaluated the course at Reading and I am certain that this will be the right way forward for my career. Having spent a lot of my free time volunteering and doing unpaid internships in order to improve my CV and to gain invaluable experience, I am in desperate need of some financial assistance to help me to pay for my course fees. Once on the course, I plan to take specialist modules in the ECHR and International Human Rights Law. I want to make a difference to the lives of millions of people.

Please help me to raise the total fees for the year of £5,500.00. I urgently need to raise a minimum of half of the amount in order to confirm my place. The second half would then become payable on commencing my second term at Reading. I know that this is possible; I am trying my hardest to get some money coming in to pay for living expenses and study related essentials. Even if I only manage to raise the £2,750.00 needed to start, I am certain I will somehow be able to get the rest together, although it would be an enormous weight off my mind to be able to pay it all upfront and to only have my living expenses to worry about. I plan to take on a part-time job to help with these costs.
Thank you for reading and for your generous donation, all the best, Craig.
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