22 years old, English Literature graduate, want to do an MA in English: Dickens and Victorian Culture, at the University of Kent...

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Please help me to raise £4,052.00 for my MA at Kent University.This sum represents the course fee for a year-long MA in Dickens and Victorian Culture, should I only manage to raise part of the amount I will consider doing it on a part-time basis over a two year period, although I would prefer to devote my full time to studying over the course of one year. Part-time work and what is left of my savings is going to cover living and accommodation.Firstly, a little bit about myself, my name is Katherine, I am 22 years old and I come from Chatham, in Kent. I did my BA in English Literature at Kent and I cannot emphasise how much much I enjoyed the course, the content, the teaching, everything. Now that it's all over, I feel like I have barely scratched the surface of so many important issues and that further study will help me polish and develop my skills, while allowing me to focus upon such an intriguing era in English history. My future is most certainly in academia, after completing my MA I hope to go on to further research and possibly lecturing or writing myself.Kent is the only University in the UK to offer an MA specifically focusing upon Dickens and his engagement with the social, cultural and political issues of the Victorian era. My studies will allow me not only to delve deeper into his works, furthering the research of my dedicated modules undertaken at degree level, but also to use them to enrich and to enlighten our understanding of the Victorian way of life and their fascination with the human body and engagement with material culture. I am hoping to find an interesting and novel facet to provide the basis for my dissertation, using Dickens' works as a mirror through which Victorian society is not only reflected, but also dissected, explored and distorted.Please help me to achieve my goals and donate what you can, thank you! 

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