20 years old, Chemistry student Exeter University, BSc Biological and Medicinal Chemistry, in 2nd year of 3 year course, want to work in development and ma...

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Turn something bad into something good, donate a few spare pounds and restore my confidence in mankind!

Who am I?
Hi there, I'm Mark Williamson, a chemistry student at the university of Exeter. My BSc focuses upon biological and medicinal chemistry, I'd love to make a huge difference to the world with breakthroughs in medicine and drug design. We forget how important medicine is to our lives when we're fit and healthy, should something go wrong. My studies will enable me to make a difference to peoples' lives when they need it most. Besides, I am fond of sports, all kinds (often worked as a fitness instructor during summer holidays!).

Why do I need help?
As I'm sure you're aware, student living involves balancing daily life on a shoestring budget. I had all of the essentials just about covered, until somebody stole my laptop last week. Thankfully I had only just backed up my work that very day, but the anger and sense of injustice have yet to subside. For the last few days I have had to use the library computers, hoping maybe it could be recovered but no such luck. As it was taken in a public place, my insurance won't pay out either. I cannot feasibly study without a laptop, but I still need to pay the bills and eat and I cannot afford both. I have found the replacement laptop I need for a little shy of £500. Anything raised over and above will go towards the next model up.

Why should you help?
I have been careful with my funds and budgeted well, but this is an unforeseen hurdle and I really need a helping hand. Without it, my studies will suffer, so too will my grades and my chances of developing the next miracle drug :-). Rescue someone who's down on his luck and return him to the ring fighting. Your £5, £10 or £20 could help save and improve thousands of lives in the future.

I’m counting on you! Thanks for reading this.
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