Dani Ardigo

I'm a twenty year old Biological Sciences major. I'm not sure what I'd like to do with that, either the veterinarian track or the doctor track. Either way ...

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I'm a Biological Science major currently attending community college but I'm planning to transfer to UCSB within the next two years. UCSB is widely known for their Marine Biology programs (probably because it's located so close to the ocean) although I'm not specifically studying marine biology, the college also offers medical biology courses. I come from a college educated family, so school has always been the only option for what comes next for me. I really love it, it's one of the only things I've ever been great at. Although I know I want to be some sort of surgeon I haven't been able to decide whether to work with animals or humans!

I took my first Animal Biology course this semester and I loved it, it was an easy A because the material was fun to learn! That's how I actually found out about this program--the woman at the campus who runs it came into our class to give a speech. She made the course sound so exciting, I had to take it home to my parents (and they said they would help me pay as long as I contributed). The program is organized by my university, Santa Barbara City College, and all students from campus are invited to join so I'll be traveling with a large group of peers. The program is a three week STEM studies course overseas, it offers college credit for completion of the course (which brings me closer to my degree in a new and exciting way!). 

The primary objective is to introduce students to real employees in STEM careers. I will need around $2,000 so this is my attempt to help myself a bit. The amount raised through this campaign will be put towards the flight (which we must set up ourselves separately from the trip). The rest will go towards food expenses while in Europe for 22 days. I'm currently working a job on campus more for internship purposes (it's in the biology lab so it opens some doors for me later in life) but the pay is not great, its only about 8 hours a week, and we only get paid monthly. So anything helps really! The trip takes us to Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, and Amsterdam, visiting various locations including technology museums, automobile factories, pharmaceutical companies, and various universities. All the activities are either STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math) course geared or meant to show us the cultural aspects of the cities. 

I'm hoping this trip will help me to figure out what I really want out of my Biological Science major! Getting to see scientists, doctors, and engineers in person will give me insight into the real day to day lives of these professionals which could in turn help sway me in either direction for what I would like to do with my major. So please anyone who can help I would take pennies!

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