Studying Film and Television Studies at University of East Anglia, want to do semester abroad in Japan to focus on Japanese cinema, part -time job in a cin...

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Hi all, it's Gary Dawson here, studying Film and Television Studies at the University of East Anglia.
My studies are going extremely well, I never imagined how engrossed I would become in them, almost bordering on obsession! Theoretical and practical modules have given me new insights into the world of cinema and television and I hope one day to make it to the big screen. My teachers are engaging and help me to push myself further, I never honestly thought that I would enjoy essay writing, just goes to show what being truly passionate about your subject  can do to you.
When I'm not studying, I am pretty much always thinking of something film related, I walk down a street and see it as a set, the angles, the focus... I even managed to get a part-time job at our local cinema which has the double bonus of being paid to do something ever so slightly film related and reductions in ticket prices. Films aside, I am also a keen tennis player and I am currently learning Japanese (okay, that's slightly film related for my interest in Japanese cinema and culture).

Being a student is expensive, too expensive. In spite of all the offers, the special deals and reductions, you are in a whirlwind of change, new discoveries and once-in-a-lifetime chances. Which ones do you take, which ones do you let pass you by? When I was given the opportunity to do a semester abroad, studying my specialist module, Japanese Film, in Japan, I naturally jumped at the chance.
Now, the problem is how to pay for it alongside my regular financial commitments. This is an opportunity that I cannot afford to miss, in terms of my studies and fascination with Japanese cinema, yet sadly, the more I do the sums, it is also one that I financially can not afford to make. Some of my best work and in-depth analysis is on Japanese film, imagine if only I could get over there and experience the culture first hand, the difference that, that alone, would make to my studies. The chance to actually study there is too good to pass up.

I have borrowed what I can, I am working as much as I can already to make ends meet. So please help me make the trip of a lifetime and all my hard work studying pay off. I am looking to raise the sum of £5,000.00. Wow, that sounds like a lot. Unfortunately, it doesn't go far after air fare, accommodation in Tokyo, one of the world's most expensive cities, administrative fees, local travel passes, food and a couple of day trips. Opportunities like this rarely come around, help me to make the dream become reality and bring my studies to life, I cannot emphasize how much this means to me.
Cheers, Gary.

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