2nd year student at University of Hull studying Politics & International Relations, 20 years old, hoping for career in politics and spending first trim...

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Hi all!
I'm Nicola, a 20 year old Politics and International Relations student at the University of Hull. In my spare time… I am passionate about comics and enjoy drawing pictures and cartoons.
I started my course nearly two years ago. Everyone always assumes that I'm just studying a bunch of boring people in suits, but it's actually the study of power, including diverse topics from environmental legislation to the history of mankind, how the world works and how it can be improved. Likewise, people always assume I'm going to be a politician ; although I'd very much like to, I'm keeping an open mind, a politics degree can also lead into business and the media.
However, as I'm nearing the end of my degree, I'm going to get some practical experience on a placement for the first trimester of my third year. This will definitely help me to make up my mind. I'm going to be spending eight weeks at Westminster which will be a real eye opener to the behind-the-scenes political world on the big stage where it all happens. I can't wait!
However, here's the catch: cost of living in London. Accommodation and travel will be my two main expenses. As it's only for two months it won't break the bank, but I don't want to be worrying incessantly about finances for the rest of my final year when I have my finals to concentrate on. Also, I've been told I'm going to need a working wardrobe (as if I needed an excuse to go shopping!). Seriously though, I will need to look the part and they'll be useful for interviews and the start of my career.

So, taking all of this into account, with my loan and work over summer, I will be about £1,500.00 short. It's not a lot really in the grand scheme of things and every donation will help me to keep the focus on my studies, not on my worries. Please help me out, it will definitely make my CV stand out from the crowd whatever path I decide to choose. Thank you for your donation and please pass on this message to anyone you think would like to help.
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