Social media only really works if you like it. If you begrudge all of it and prefer to talk to people, do that instead!

If you absolutely hate a particular network, don’t force yourself to be there. Stick to what you like, and you’ll be better at it.


02_facebookFacebook is the most effective network for getting noticed online, but getting real traction takes a little more than just posting a link on your timeline. The real power is about connecting with other people in your community or who have shared interests. It’s not about just connecting with your friends – it’s about making new ones as well.

Facebook Groups

Are there any Facebook groups for your area? Or area of expertise?

Messages from groups show up in the newsfeed of members. It’s a way to amplify your message to a large group of people who might be interested.

It’s worth joining and participating in these groups well ahead of your launch. If you are a contributing member of a group, people will feel more inclined to support you.

Facebook Pages

Do you have access to any local Facebook pages? Maybe your mate’s business has a few thousand locally-based likes. Those are some valuable eyeballs.

Ask if they’ll post the link in support of your project.


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Kelly has found 5 Facebook groups that she’s started participating in. One is for her local community. One is an environmental-protection group. Another two are for young professionals in her area and the last one is for young, environmental professionals in her country.

She spends a couple of weeks getting to know the group members and being helpful before the launch of her campaign, so the people in the groups know who she is. When she posts the requests, she raises £230 from 11 backers!

She gets a few Facebook pages to share the link too. One of them has 10,000 members so she also puts in £10 so they can boost it. It gets shared 54 times and raises an additional £350 from 13 backers.

Kelly’s managed to raise £2,105 (76%) so far from 42 backers.

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Other social networks

RoundIcons-Free-Set-42We can’t say this enough: stick to what you are good at. If you love Instagram, then promote your project there. But if you consider yourself more of a Twitter aficionado, then go there. Other social media platforms you could consider using include: LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, YouTube, and Snapchat. We could show you tips and tricks for every social media, but we think it would be more helpful to give you some tips on what you should say that will work for the networks you already like.

Your message

TALKING people icon 48 by 48We understand that you might feel a little sleazy promoting your crowdfunding project. We’re just going to address the elephant in the room and say yes, it

can kind of suck sometimes. But there are some ways that can help you feel a little better about it.

Speak positively

In general, you should always talk about building things up in a positive way.

Positive messages get a better reaction than negative ones. It puts people in the right frame of mind to receive your project openly and consider donating.

For example, focus on the solution more than whining about the problem.

Keep up the same routine on social media

Always remember to keep up the content you would normally post – you don’t want to be all about self-promotion suddenly. This means if you normally post photos of your pet cat in hand-knitted outfits, you should keep doing that.

Just remember to post content that DOES point to your project every couple of days as well.

Talk about what your project is

People don’t care that you need money. They care about what you are trying to do, and why it is important. Knowing what your story is will help people relate.


“I’m crowdfunding! I’d love it if you could support me”

Is not as effective as

“I’m researching the impact of local development on our coast. Will you help me?”

Once people get to your page, they will watch the video – and if you’ve made your ask at the end of it, THAT’S where they decide if they’ll help you out.

Use milestones

Highlighting your progress and advertising milestones is one way to get over that milestone pretty quickly.

People want to be able to say they helped you reach a certain mark.

For example,

“5 more backers and I’ve got 50 amazing supporters!”


“Just £10 more and I’ll be at 50%!”

Beating the algorithms

Some social media algorithms mean that unless your post is popular, most people won’t see it.

But, the more popular your post is, the more people will see it. So get your friends to like it, and try to encourage conversation in your post. For example,

“Hey @FriendA and @FriendB, here’s a way to raise environmental awareness in your community”

Will encourage more comments and likes (and therefore, get more views) than

“I’ve been working on this for a while, check it out!”